For any standard in the field of the education, the subject of mathematicsis considered as a prime one. The concepts of this subject if one can get cleared there is no career left which he cannot go for. Therefore in the 10 standard which is a basic standard to have the best career option, one needs to secure the best of the marks that can help him get admission in his preferred field. It is the year that one needs to focus the highest in his career.

There are a large number of aspirants every year who want to take up science in their plus two. With the growing number of students wanting to become an engineer and a medical professional, the competition is also growing with every passing day. More than that, the seats or the intake in the higher institutions is decreasing and the candidates are increasing. So the only way you can ensure an excellent career is to excel in your studies. The marks secured at this stage in the board exams are eminent for your admission procedures and other academic ventures. Hence there is no alternative, and the only way to score the best marks is to give sn utmost effort.

The marks procured in your boards are a decisive factor if you want to take up science. Moreover, you must not only score good marks but also make sure that you know the basics very well. Mathematics is not about learning the formulas by heart but about internalizing them and applying them as well.

The Arithmetic progressions class 10 CBSE is the fifth chapter of the book and is one of the very important but basic chapters of Arithmetic. Arithmetic progression can be defined as a sequence or series of numbers in which the relation between the successive numbers is constant. For example, 2, 4, 6, 8….etc. Here the progress is an addition of 2 and the difference between the consecutive numbers is constant. This chapter deals with the specific topics:


Arithmetic Progressions

 ‘n’th Term of an AP

Sum of First n Terms of an AP


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