Big data refers to large data sets that are complex to handle by traditional data processing software. Data set with huge cases in terms of row increases the statistical power but data with higher complexity data in terms of attributes and columns can lead to difficulty in discovery rate. This data concept includes wide variety of file types in form of structured, unstructured and semi structured data with huge potential information. Rather than these, big data has designed with 3 V’s characteristics namely

  • Velocity – Speed at which the data in the files are processed
  • Variety – Works on wide variety of data in any form and structure.
  • Volume – Data can be stored for the extended volume and rate. Mostly its size is defined as terabytes, petabytes and exabytes over time. This process high volume of data in low density.

After these three V’s, there is extra two characteristic such as veracity and value. So big data acts upon these categories and as a big data professional, you will be known much about these details.

Benefits of big data concept

  • Big data helps in gaining complete answers for the information in higher velocity.
  • It uses completely different approach in tackling problems with more confidence in data.

Big data is one of the trending technologies in IT now. If you are a fresher and need to get some knowledge on which field to choose for your career, you can choose being a big data analyst. Big data is a wide concept that is used in various fields. Some of those fields are

  • Government
  • International development
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Information Technology

This entire field needs those characteristic of big data such as velocity, variety and volume. And these are the field that has voluminous data in unstructured and structured method. To process those data and execute it without false discovery rate, big data is the suitable concept. As the wide used system, there is huge hope for people who are about to build their career in big data. As this is the growing technology, people prefer this concept for their career growth. Many people are not familiar with this concept and they need to get trained to be an expert. When you get into the opening rate for big data, its huge than what we expect. There is around 75% vacancy to fill for this big data. Only 25% big data expert analytics are there till data. Mold yourself for better career and get the better package. As the trending technology, you can expect high package of turnover. Get into big data as an analyst and enjoy the higher pay above your expectation.