One of the most convenient jobs right now is online writing. Many young professionals around the world are hooked up to this kind of profession that provides them the chance to showcase their skills at the same time earn generous income from various clients that requests different topics and subjects.

Unlike working in the office, online writer’s work schedule is very flexible; in fact, a lot of professionals who works this kind of job are home-based. Meaning they work at the comfort of their home through internet connection and writer to client interaction. Most of these professionals are also sensitive with schedules and the client’s demands to protect their reputation and the industry as well which has been the reason why the internet is filled with contents full of information regardless of what topic, subject a person wishes to learn.

Freelance online writing provides a lot of wonderful opportunities to writers who want to create writing as their passion, hobby or a source of income. This is also the chance for young writers to discover, learn and master their writing abilities from various genres that clients requests to them. Each day you are able to learn something new from the subject that your client requested from you.

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Online writing can sometimes be overwhelming especially for a beginner. In order to enhance one’s writing skills, it is essential to choose the suitable or fitting niche so that it will be easy for the writer to focus their work on the subject or topic that they are more familiar with which in return will give their clients a quality output and service.  There are different types of writing platform a writer can focus on such as web contents, blog posts, marketing articles for sales pages, emails and social media contents.

Here are some types of writing platforms a writer can focus or master.

Blog writing-Blogs or technically known as weblogs are online journals that are frequently or regularly updated by the administrator of the site or blog. It narrates someone’s daily routine in such a way that they are telling a story through creating an article where the visitors of the page or the readers can often reply an online entry.

Another platform for writing is ghostwritten posts. This allows the clients to take credit for the writer’s article. In this type of writing, the ghostwriter does not get a byline or will not reflect their resume or credentials but in return, the writer is well compensated or paid by the client.

Copywriting meanwhile, is another form of writing, where the writer will try to persuade someone to make something by promoting a product, service, business or a personality.

Copywriting is the type of writing you would use to persuade someone to do something. You use copywriting when you want to market a product to a business, service, or person.

 Sales Page, on the other hand, is a lengthy page that encloses a copy that will be used to promote a product or service. This usually contains products or service descriptions and other details about it.