Elicitation is very important because stakeholders may not express business problems clearly and accurately. So, business analysts who perform elicitation activities must play an important role to ensure clear requirements are articulated. Incomplete requirements will lead to project failures and waste time and energy of people and organizations. Eliciting requirements is fundamental step which needs to be accurate and relevant in order to make any task and project successful.

As a Business Analyst, if you limit yourself to use just one or technique in gathering information from your stakeholders, that will not help you in the long run. You will not stand in the competitive world. Requirements elicitation course helps you to expand your options. Here you will learn all comprehensive elicitation techniques including workshop, interview, prototype, observation, focus groups, document analysis, interface analysis etc.

Course material is also very useful in understanding these techniques better. You just need to spend one day and that to just 7 hours of your time to finish attending the course.

Course module:

The course begins with introducing what is business analysis. You will be taught what requirements are and how to use them in analysis. Also, you will learn about requirements elicitation and their relevant techniques.

After the basic concepts, you will be taught various elicitation techniques as part of the curriculum. They include mind mapping, data mining, benchmarking, surveys, questionnaires, requirements workshop etc. You will also learn how to select the technique that best fits your project.

You will improve your requirements elicitation skills and knowledge. In this course, you will understand how to use your listening skills and critical thinking skills to improve elicitation skills.

The goal of business analysts is to see that all the stakeholders are on the same page and share common understanding of requirements. However, this job is not easy and you need to manage conflict to make your projects run smooth and successful. This course module covers this aspect too.

At the end, an half an hour session will be dedicated on discussion related to developing next action plan.You will be given worksheets for elicitation planning.

The cost of the Requirements elicitation and review course is $665.00 and you can register online. Live online training will be provided. This course can be attended stand-alone or can be taken as part of another business course. Expert trainers will provide feedback to each individual. This adds value to your learning as you can work on your weak areas and improve on them further. You will get assistance even after completing the course. Reflective learning tasks following the completion of course will make your learning stick to your memory. You will be provided assistance for retention of the learning and implement the techniques effectively post completion of the course till 60 days. This course is well designed to meet the requirements of industry standards which make you employable easily.