Act English tutor

You can ensure that your child is well prepared for the admission test with the support provided by our team of experienced tutors. A tailored approach is received by each student from act English tutor in order to get into their dream colleges by achieving their target scores. The classes for the admission test can take place at the students home or at our centre. The group courses are also available so you can prefer to join in the group of your choice. You will have an option of the online lesson if you are not a student who belongs to hong kong. The college applications are provided by most of the US universities with the two standardized tests. The test is split into various sections and there are some optional sections as well. Your child can have a better understanding of the application by taking the test as the other students in the college will also participate in the admission process.

Act English tutor

Perform testing at test centres:

The committed and experienced tutors will conduct the courses for all the children. It is possible to cater to the different needs of the students in Hong Kong through specialized group courses at The university admission process is done by using the two standardized exams. The international test centres will perform the testing for the students by offering a computer-based test. The academic level of a student can be measured based on his or her readiness for college. You can assess the writing ability of your child with the writing test which includes writing an essay. It is optional for the students as the writing test is required by only some of the universities. Your child can get the scores they need only when the tutors will provide the necessary preparation.

Schedule for a trial lesson:

The subject test will allow your child to showcase their achievements and knowledge in some specific subjects. The tests are considered to be optional or mandatory depending on the type of university. A full range of subject tests can be covered with private tutoring which is offered at our centre in Hong Kong. If you want to schedule a trial lesson for the private tutoring then you can contact us with the information which is available on our website. A range of other expertise which is offered at our centre will include private tutoring and university admissions. The students can achieve excellent results at school with the successful track record of the tutors. You can feel free to get in touch with our team if you are ready to take the first step. The students of all ages can receive comprehensive academic support from all the tutors.