Tips To Consider When Cancelling an Interview

It is always in your best interest to turn up for an interview on the scheduled date and time. It can give a good impression about you to the recruiter. A job seeker being on time for an interview is one of the many qualifications that interviewers consider when picking the right person for the job. However, there are times that certain situations and circumstances may not allow you to show up as and when due for the job interview.  In such an instance, you can cancel an interview ahead of time. While canceling the interview, there are certain things you should put into consideration and we will look into some of these things in the remaining part of this write-up.

Right way to cancel the interview

Recruiters and interviewers will see you as a responsible person if you show up on time for an interview. They will also see you as being responsible if you cancel the interview ahead of time in case certain circumstances prevent you from turning up for the interview.  There are several methods you can adopt when you want to cancel an interview. The method you choose can be determined by the how much time you have before the interview kicks off.

Tips To Consider When Cancelling an Interview

Some are of the opinion that the best thing to do when canceling an interview is to do so using the same method with which the interview was initially scheduled.  If the interview was scheduled via a phone call, then it is not a bad idea to cancel same via the same method.  If you received the initiation to the job interview via an email, then it is appropriate to cancel the interview by sending an email to the recruiter. The email method may, however, not be feasible if you have just few hours before the interview begins.

If, for example, you discovered that you will not be able to show up for the interview the evening before the due date, a phone call will be the most appropriate method to adopt for canceling the interview. This is because the recruiter or interviewer can quickly receive the message of your inability to show up for the interview. For all you know, the company may not be in the habit of checking emails regularly.

Who should you contact?

When you want to cancel the interview, it is better to call the interviewer directly since he or she will be the one in charge of the interview and the list of those who have been invited for the same interview will be with him or her.  This way, he can tick your name on the list and possibly reschedule the interview to another date that can be convenient for you.  You should also do this respectfully.