Singapore is one of the well-known countries known for its lower rate of taxation, the minimal expense of living, plus warm & welcoming climate. Working and living in this city is one dream that is shared by plenty of individuals.

Fortunately, the jobs in singapore market are regularly growing as more and more industries are rising, and there is a wide range of rising in the no. of locals and ex-pats founding the startups. That said, finding a job here is very doable – but how does one get going?

The steps

Well, this guide is going to assist you with 8 handy steps for getting a job when you are in Singapore:-

  1. First thing first, review the eligibility to work 

It is always a decent idea to ensure you are eligible and good to work. Numerous kinds of job permits are based on one’s qualifications. The Manpower Ministry in Singapore has recently published the tool for online self-assessment, that can help you gauge your chances of eligibility.

  1. Opt for the growing industry

Whilst Singapore is throng to several markets, a few industries are robust than others. If you go by history, Singapore has always been welcoming to all the finance professionals, particularly those in the securities and audit.

Whilst, demand in eCommerce, tech, UX, and UI designers, alongside the hospitality, tourism, CS, and service is on a rise too.

  1. Get a job through Web

Amongst the finest places for all the candidates to look for a job in SGP is online. You can find numerous web resources to help you in your search. Here is presenting the following list of websites that are a few of the reliable, notable, and mostly used platforms by the candidates.

  • eFinancialCareers
  • Monster
  • LinkedIn
  • Jobs Central
  • Indeed Singapore
  • Job Street
  1. Applying for the work visa

Well, getting the job is a big success but that is just not it. Next, one will be required to apply for a work visa in Singapore.

One can go on to apply online for their visa and get it processed well within seven days.

Some of the common kinds of visa are:

  • EntrePass
  • Employment Pass
  • S Pass
  • Personalized Employment Pass
  1. Are you ready to shift

The moment your currency exchange and visas are very much in order, you’ll be asked to make a move!

Now that you have read everything about the jobs in Singapore and the steps you may require to find a job. What’s stopping you? Good luck finding a job.