Health professionals play an important role in contributing health care services to the people.  The doctors provide services to the people for promoting their health, preventing the diseases to come and also the treatment of the diseases. Among the healthcare professionals, some doctors provide free services to the people. And bashir dawood is one among the huge respectable doctors who provide their services to needy people. Doctors mainly know the importance of health care. The health care system also plays an important role in the economy of the country. So, Bashir Dawood always makes an effort to promote health care and made it accessible to the people around him.Many people don’t know how to stay healthy and their hygienic maintenance will be very poor. In such cases, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs. Such people are motivated by him and made they lead healthier lives.

Disaster Relief programs for supporting affected people:

Natural calamities can occur at anywhere and anytime. Any number of people can be affected by this.And no one is accountable for such situations. We can’t stop these natural disasters to occur except helping the affected people. Some people like Bashir dawood come forward in such situations to help the affected people. He started a disaster relief program for the affected people. This organisation is an aid for the most affected people by moral and financial support. And they would feel happy that there is someone who thinks and care about them. His foundation helps millions of people affected by natural calamities. The program also collects the funds from other people who can donate and give the basic food, shelter and required amenities to the affected people. The Dawood foundation for natural disaster management has started nearly in the year two thousand in Pakistan. As the country has undergone huge natural calamities in a decade. Two major earthquakes have occurred in Pakistan and the lives of many people are affected, many of them lost their lives. Dawood Foundation came forward to support those affected people. Even many other organisations across the world took a step to support the natural disaster-affected people. The foundation started to work together with the government in helping the people with food, water, shelter and clothing. They made effort to rebuild many affected villages, supporting the people to meet their family members.

It is always admirable the way Bashir Dawood started and runs the foundation successfully as the symbol of empathy, kindness and solidarity. The foundation started in Pakistan and is always played a key role in disaster management and also health care services when required by the needy people in their country Pakistan. Therefore efforts in helping people and all his services are so much appreciated.