Taekwondo is one of the main martial arts techniques that originated in Korea during the 1940s and 1950s by the Korean martial arts. The form is known for kicking and punching the opponent. It is considered a technique to learn self-defense, especially by beginners. The taekwondo lessons for beginners must start by knowing its 5 rules: perseverance, integrity, self-control, unconquerable spirit, and courtesy.

These martial artists know other forms of martial arts such as subak, gwonbeop, Chinese martial arts, and karate. The taekwondo learners and teachers wear a uniform which is referred to as do bok.

The oldest governing body was formed in 1959 for Taekwondo, known by the name, i.e., the Korean Taekwondo Association. 

Divided Into Two Ranks

Taekwondo is divided into 2 ranks – Junior and Senior. Practitioners present in junior ranks wear different color belts that signifies the position. The lowest rank in the junior section is a white belt which is for beginners. At the same time, the senior section has only one belt, which represents the highest position, i.e., the black belt.

It can be learned by anyone, from children to adults. The KTMA academy believes that people should exercise this valuable art for their benefit, and they should get started with it as the technique knows no boundaries. 

How can one profit from Taekwondo Classes?

Being a recognized Olympic sport since 2000, Taekwondo or otherwise known as Tae Kwon Do, builds physical strength, flexibility, and stamina. To put a cherry on the cake, the taekwondo lessons for beginners help promote good health, and it also contributes to the person’s overall wellbeing. Mentioned in the list are some of the popular benefits for people aspiring to be taekwondo masters.

  1. The martial art, i.e., Taekwondo, enhances focus as well as discipline. At KTMA, the basics of the training are taught. Trainees are told to practice more on focus for additional time. This tactic could be applied to other day-to-day activities in which extra focus is required, such as studying and working in the office.
  2. KTMA promises that the technique also enhances confidence & self-esteem as it teaches the art of defending oneself when the problem arises. The technique is also popular in making a person fight against the bully. So, overall, it prepares the person for difficult situations that could happen in real life.

To know more, visit KTMA’s official website and get your Taekwondo journey started from today.