Futuristic studies:

          The curriculum of an educational system dictates the way the students are taught and how the students are made to go through the new developments in the discipline of education. The curriculum decides how the future of the students is expected to be. The syllabus as it is otherwise called is used by other regional schools and colleges. The curriculum in the Malaysian region and in the colleges in the country can become the best there is as far as the future vision of those who designed curriculum. The curriculum is quite a standard syllabus as the number of languages that are made mandatory such as the mandarin Chinese language in the reception aspects and the language of Malay and Spanish in the second stage of learning. In total they would get top learn three languages which is quite a need these days. The british curriculum school in Malaysia makes sure that the students get to learn all the latest developments in each field and be abreast of the new aspects that are going on in the field of education.  The curriculum also supports the idea that the students get the best of what is available at the moment.

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Best educational idea:

  • Apart from these languages the curriculum also includes arts, science, designing, science mathematics, information technology, sports, dance, music, drama and many other co curricular activities as well.
  • The students would find e syllabus very interesting and attractive as they can get to learn new things which will be very exciting for the students of all disciplines.
  • They have a preparatory syllabus which will be very effective for learning new things and this make it very interesting for those who are yet to start learning from school.
  • They have other important activities with facilities such as swimming pools, library, art, science room, drama hall, performance hall and many other facilities.
  • They move from the preparatory school syllabus to the next level. The secondary and senior level have the cognitive ability tests, the internal assessment tests and other exams which will be conducted to understand the grasping power of the students in the school.
  • Soft skills like conversation, sports and other physical activities to bring them up in good health.
  • Health is given much importance here at the school in Malaysia. The curriculum is taught in stages which are classified according to the age group of the students.
  • The overall development of the students is aimed at here and there are about six categories of developmental plans in the british curriculum school in Malaysia.