About little arts artist studio

The little arts artist studio is located in mandarin gardens, Singapore. They offer short-term and long-term courses for adults and kids. Let us discuss the courses offered by this artist studio which is the best painting class singapore for adults.

Courses available for adults

Artrageous renaissance

Artrageous renaissance is a certificate program coming under the fine arts section. Since it is an adult course, the little artist art studio deals with the finest art details like experimentation of art to convert them into an artistic expression. There are beginner, short-term, long-term, and other certificate programs available.

Sketching and portraiture

Adults who take up this course will learn about how sketching can make a photo into a portrait. This includes drawing a person’s face where sketching should be appropriate and evenly spread to make a face look exactly as present in the photo. This will be conducted mostly as a workshop where pencil drawings and oil paintings will be the fundamentals of drawing and making structures for the photo. The painting class singapore is the best to provide this for users.

Sketching/still life

Adults who engage in learning sketching/still life will learn how to sketch scenery beautifully. They teach the basics of oil paintings and sketchings, which enhance the view of the total art life of the drawing done. Stimulate the art talent in you through the classes at little arts artist studio.


Adults who attend this workshop will learn more about how pencil drawings can be done to make and illustrate realistic landscapes. Real landscapes, when converted to portraits, will have to use pencil drawings with utmost care. Else, the landscapes will not look sharply done. So, adults need to concentrate well while drawing landscapes using pencils or sketches or oil paintings.

Oil paintings/portraiture

Oil paintings will help to make the sketches more illustrative and beautiful. Oil painting portraits provide life to art through the installation of acrylic paint colors into it. The paintings have to be well drawn with the usages of the small, medium, and large brushes according to the area of the picture where oil paintings have to be done.

Oil paintings/short course

There are 6-month courses available in oil paintings which help to learn the nuances of oil paintings. One can learn the different styles and learn ideas on how to do a mixture of colors to make proper painting outcomes. The best institute to learn painting classes in Singapore is from a little arts artist studio.


Learn the art of beauty and landscape through the proper usage of brushes and colors taught from the little arts artist studio, the best painting class singapore.