Making an application to study at a university can seem to be an overwhelming and daunting process. It can be a new and unfamiliar process to apply for any university for most students. Additionally, there are different deadlines, the competition of the Oxbridge application process, and additional stages, which can be even tougher to navigate. With the right support and preparation, applying to Cambridge or Oxford should be a rewarding and straightforward process.

You might be worried if there will be interview questions or if the application is very competitive. Whatever you may be concerned about, don’t back out from applying before looking into it properly. You can also consider the oxbridge application service if you get stuck. We have put together tips for navigating the Oxbridge application process.

Do In-depth Research

Get as much information as you can possibly retrieve from different sources. Get to know the admission requirements; if you know someone who studied in the same institution, you can talk to them. Ask them about their application and learning experience. Don’t rely on one point of view since everyone has their perception. Get oxbridge application help from other people, too. You can check the university’s websites, which is a great starting point to make an informed decision. Consider if the university will best correspond with your academic goals, personality and values.

Determine Your Why

What fascinates you most is it the incredible academic resources you’ll get access to? Or is it the fact that a degree from Oxbridge will open great doors for you professionally? You may have reason to determine why. Whatever it is, it should be convincing for you and those who will access your application. You want to proceed with this process with as much information as you can possibly retrieve, ideally from numerous sources. Don’t rely on one point of view; everyone can offer different perceptions.

Do you like being taught in a small group or a one-on-one? That’s how most of Oxbridge’s teaching is conducted. Will you apply to Cambridge or to Oxford? You can apply for both in the same year and ensure you make an informed decision to define which one will best suit you. If you still have doubts, you can consider checking the university websites, which is a great starting point. You want to make a decision that is not based purely on the subject. Consider which university aligns with your academic goals, personality, and values.

Take A Deep Dive Into Your Selected Subject

If you say you have passion for your subject, then your actions must align with your words. You can find helpful sources to enhance your subject knowledge, such as articles, books or podcasts. Ask your instructors what sources they would recommend. If you still need more help, the best thing to do is to research the actual Oxbridge professors who are teaching your subject. This will make the oxbridge applications process easier. There is also a ‘People’ tab on universities’ faculty websites that lists academic office holders, the topics they have expertise in and some information about them.

Plan Ahead of Time

Once you have figured out the subject you would want to study, it is essential to make note of the deadlines. The Oxbridge application deadline is usually three months earlier than other universities, on the 15th of October every year. There are also more steps to follow. This is very important as you must give yourself enough time to prepare for the entire process. In some scenarios, you are required to submit examples of written work. These also usually have a deadline, which should be checked when applying. You will not only send in a personal statement but fill in your USAS form; that is why you need to get started early.

Have Confidence

No matter how you feel, confidence is the key. You will need to be confident even if you don’t feel it. Most students get impostor syndrome, but this does not stop them from successfully making applications. It can be overwhelming, but you deal with these feelings before you apply. Ensure you eat and sleep well.

Bottom Line

Oxbridge applications can be very stressful. It will help to learn about admission requirements, acceptance rates, and other valuable tips on preparing for the application. This article has covered some tips to guide you through the application process. Whatever the outcome, believe in yourself and enjoy the process.